Influence of broken homes on children academic performance

If both parents possess high intellectual capabilities and transmit the traits for indigence to the child, that, child is very likely to be highly intelligent and benefit from education which will likely enhance his opportunity for occupations on the hand, a child of very low intellectual parents who inherited this trait may turn out to be an imbecile who may later find it difficult to be properly educated and be gainfully employed.

The purpose was to investigate into the effect of broken homes on the educational achievement of the child in the selected local government area.

To seek for solution on how to control widespread divorce among couple. There are significant difference in the average academic performance of students form broken homes and that of male and female students from broken homes.

Is there any significant difference between the academic performance from broken homes and those from unbroken homes. The family also has a reproductive function as distinct from the mere exercise of the sexual function. The law of levirate among the ancient Isrealites.

There are parents whose work do not give time for their children as such the students are affected negatively Duke,Sewell, William and Robert, Hauser Waibry and Majorobank have found that the control for socio-economic status of children from married families with few brothers and sisters are superior in cognitive development.

It is concerned with meeting the adaptive conditions of its maintenance of equilibrium, and with establishing instrumentally the desired relations to external goal objects. But unfortunately the phenomenon of broken home is a group reality that cripples families, according to Ghaerba It is the level at which the home operates that determine the academic achievement of students in school.

These subsequently result to quitting from school or poor academic achievement of students. To what extent does good home influence socialization process of a child. Broken home is a family that has many problems, problems which affect one or more members of family mentally.

Understanding the family culture enable the teacher to do these things. However a home can either be stable or broken. To find them out how absent of one or both parent influence broken home students academic performance in school. To seek for solution on how to control widespread divorce among couple.

The self and work roles begin early in the life and home in conjunction with its related socio system have great influence on the them. In a nutshell, education is all round development of an individual, intellectually, morally and mentally, so that he will be useful to himself and the society he belongs.

Various meaning may be attributed to marriage. Spiro has argued, however, in his essay entitled.

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This has been mainly due to the fact that each scholar or socialist advances his own definition based on his ideological affinity or historical allegiance and interaction. In some societies there occur levirate and sororate marriages.

The socialization process which begins in the home continues in the neighbourhood and in the school.

The Influence Of Broken Homes On Children

In some societies there has been a tendency for descent privileges, rights and obligations to be traced through the female line, and this is called matrilineal descent.

Exogamy implies that marriage may occur only outside the kinship group; in this may incest is avoided altogether. A stable home is one in which both parents mother and father live together with their children, while a broken home is the one in which one or both of the parents are not living together with the children.

Broken Home And Children Educational Career

These are unskilled workers who are predominantly poor. Western March 2 in Chikezie held that the family has not rooted marriage, but that on institution out of the family.

The more stable the family the more secure the children will feel in the home. Students life in broken homes is observed to be associated with emotional stress that can impair intellectual development, thereby giving way for such children to grow up without being trained properly.

A stable home is one in which both parents mother and father live together with their children, while a broken home is the one in which one or both of the parents are not living together with the children.

The concept of broken homes contributed to the falling standard of education in the country. It is based on this premise that this research work dealt with the impact of broken homes and students` academic performance in secondary schools in Calabar South Local Government Area, Cross River state.

Chapter two also presented the review of related literatures by some researchers and educational covering the theoretical framework and nature of broken homes, and it relation to achievements, implication of divorce of academic achievement, broken home implication to the teachers in school setting, summary of literature review and.

ABSTRACT: This study investigated the influence of broken homes on academic performance and personality development of the adolescents in lagos state metropolis with particular focus on the Kosofe Local Government Area of Lagos State. The family has enormous amount of influence on the education of the child both directly and indirectly.

there is the likelihood that the academic performance of children from broken homes will suffer a lot of set back. analyzed data indicates that the students from broken homes complete favourably the same way with students from stable. Sep 25,  · To determine the relationship between the academic performance of student from broken homes and from those of intact homes.

Significance of the Study There has been a general motion that increase, monetary rewards and academic ability are the major influences on the performance of. The influence of Broken Homes on Children has being well explained in this project work. BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY The study on the reduction of the influence of broken homes on children’s academic performance in the selected primary schools in owerri, is a study that peeps into the social voice are tagged ”Broken homes”.

Influence of broken homes on children academic performance
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